5 Diseases About Poor Sleep Guality

5 Diseases About Poor Sleep Guality

5 Diseases About Poor Sleep Guality – Adequate and quality sleep is very important because this can help maintain the health and mind of the body. The recommended sleep duration recommended for adults is 7-8 hours per day.

Then, what if you have had a bad sleep pattern lately? Having trouble sleeping every now and then may not be a big deal. However, if your sleep patterns are persistently poor, it may be a sign of a more serious medical condition.

1. Allergies

Allergies are the immune system’s response to foreign substances that are usually harmless to the body. These foreign substances are called allergens. They can include certain foods, pollen, pet dander, and so on.

The allergen eventually triggers the production of a substance known as histamine which causes an allergic reaction.

have trouble sleeping and twice as likely to develop sleep disorders such as insomnia.

Allergic rhinitis or hay fever is inflammation of the nasal passages due to an allergic reaction, which is usually triggered by allergens such as pollen, animal dander, or dust. Symptoms include sneezing, itchy nose, and nasal congestion. Other symptoms that can also occur include rash, red and watery eyes, and sore throat. These symptoms are bad enough during the day, but at night they can interfere with sleep.

2. Gastroesophageal reflux disease

Gastroesophageal reflux disease (GERD) is a digestive disease in which stomach acid or bile irritates the inner lining of the food tract. This is a chronic disease that occurs when stomach acid or bile flows into the food tract and irritates the inner walls.

In fact, according to the National Sleep Foundation (NSF), GERD is one of the causes of difficulty sleeping at ages 45 to 64 years. In GERD patients, acid from the stomach backs up into the esophagus, causing heartburn and the potential for coughing and choking when the sufferer lies down. Some of the other symptoms of GERD include gingivitis, sore throat, belching, and bad breath.

The good news is that GERD can be treated with lifestyle changes and medication through a doctor’s examination.

3. Restless leg syndrome

Restless legs syndrome is a condition characterized by an almost irresistible urge to move the legs, usually at night. This syndrome usually occurs when sitting or lying down. This usually gets worse with age and can interfere with sleep.

According to the NSF, if you feel a tingling, burning, or painful sensation in your feet at night, it could be restless leg syndrome. Some patients describe the sensation as a feeling as if something is crawling, or flowing, deep in the leg muscles.

4. Parkinson’s disease

Neurodegenerative disorders such as dementia, Alzheimer’s disease, and Parkinson’s disease often cause sleep disturbances. People with Parkinson’s are usually able to fall asleep well, but tend to wake up all night and have trouble getting back to sleep, according to UCSF Parkinson’s Disease Clinic and Research Center.

5. Arthritis

It is said that if arthritis patients can improve or improve the quality of their sleep, the pain symptoms they feel can also decrease. However, unfortunately sleep problems in arthritis patients tend to be neglected.

Arthritis is known to cause pain, stiffness and swelling around the affected joint. The most common types of arthritis are osteoarthritis (OA), rheumatoid arthritis (RA), psoriatic arthritis (PsA), and gout — all of which can affect sleep and cause fatigue.

According to a report in the journal Arthritis Care & Research in 2015 noted that up to 31 percent of people with knee OA reported problems falling asleep, with 81 percent having difficulty maintaining sleep, and 77 percent reporting overall sleep problems. Sleep problems in OA patients are also associated with depressive moods and functional disabilities.

people with RA and its association with a number of factors, including inflammation, pain, and functional disabilities. RA study participants, mostly women, 57 percent of them had trouble sleeping. They also experience higher levels of pain and a higher incidence of functional disability.

A 2019 report in the journal Rheumatology found that 68 percent of people with PsA reported poor sleep quality. The research team also underscored that people with PsA who experience sleep disturbances experience severe quality of life and levels of daily fatigue.

Meanwhile, based on a report in the journal Arthritis Research & Therapy in 2019, 23 percent of participants with gout surveyed had a sleep disorder diagnosed by a doctor. The most commonly reported sleep disorder is sleep apnea, which was reported by 17 percent of respondents. In addition, 86 percent reported snoring and 45 percent reported experiencing snorting, gasping for breath, or stopping breathing while sleeping.

Avoid These Mistakes in Online Poker 

Avoid These Mistakes in Online Poker 

Avoid These Mistakes in Online Poker – Online poker gambling games are one of the gambling games that are quite difficult to play, because if you make a few missteps it can worsen the results.

Basically this type of online poker game can be a very profitable type of gambling, when playing using the right tricks. But on the other hand, if you play carelessly, it will be a type of bet that will cost the players a lot of money.

So the few mistakes the players make, it will be very easy to beat. For this reason, when playing this card gambling game, good concentration is needed when placing this online idn poker 88 bet.

Avoid These Mistakes in Online Poker 

Then there are also some mistakes that are very necessary for players to avoid, in order to win in this online poker gambling game. So, to be able to avoid some of these things, the players must first know what types of mistakes to avoid.

Therefore, on this occasion we will provide some explanations about the mistakes playing online poker that players must avoid. So, for players who are still beginners, you should listen to our explanation very well.

Too Hasty In Making Bets

Basically, when the cards are handled, the players have a strong value, one of which is like a pair. Usually when you get a pair card in hand, you certainly have a very big chance. However, if you play the game carelessly, the pair card will also be useless.

So, when players get a paired card, generally beginners will make an all-in bet. So from that, the thing that makes a lot of beginner players continue to complain, because they keep losing even though they have obtained cards with very good combinations.

Too Often to Bully Opponents

When players are busy playing online poker using this strategy of bluffing their opponents is actually the right decision. However, if you do this strategy too often, it will become a weapon that will injure yourself. So, it’s best to be wiser in making these bets on poker gambling bets.…

Identify Trusted Poker Gambling Sites

Identify Trusted Poker Gambling Sites

Identify Trusted Poker Gambling Sites – Identifying online slot gambling game sites is not easy to do, but it can be done in various ways to find a trusted poker site.

Being a true bettor is incomplete if you have never experienced playing trusted real money poker. As the name suggests, this is indeed a type of online poker game that uses real money as the betting capital. This type of game is usually played by players who want to get a big profit.

In online poker games, there are many types of games and types of bets that you can play. Starting from a simple online poker game with chip capital, credit to the largest is using real money bets. The number of these types is to meet the needs of each different player so that anyone can play and choose the type of game according to their wishes.

In online gambling games like poker, online poker sites have an important role because every transaction and match will be carried out on the site. For this reason, choosing the right and trusted site is one of the things that must be considered. Well, for those of you who are still confused about finding a trusted real money poker site, idnplay might be the right choice.

Identify Trusted Poker Gambling Sites

Characteristics of the Most Trusted Genuine Money Online Poker Site

Choosing the right and trusted online poker site is not easy, especially for novice players or bettors. Even though the selection of the right site will greatly determine the success and luck of the player in this online poker game. Therefore, so you don’t choose the wrong choice, you need to know the characteristics of a trusted real money poker site like these:

Have an official and clear license

One of the characteristics of a trusted real money poker site is that it has an official license issued by the central dealer. This is important for poker sites to have, because it will guarantee the safety and comfort of every bettor who plays on the site. Without having an official license, it could be a rogue poker site.

Have clear legality

Apart from being seen from the license, you can also observe the characteristics of a trusted online poker site from whether the legality is clear or not. Even though it is played online, it is still important to pay attention to the legality of the site, such as a clear office address and active contact persons. So that if a problem occurs, you can know where to complain to find a solution.

Offers an easy transaction process

Another characteristic of a trusted online poker site is that it offers an easy transaction process. In online poker games, especially those that use real money, there will be many transactions from deposits to withdrawals. The ease of transactions is usually evidenced by the many choices of banks provided.…

All Kinds of Online Slot Gambling

All Kinds of Online Slot Gambling – In gambling games, of course, there are several types of games that can be played, including online slot gambling, you can play various types of games.

Playing online gambling is indeed very addicting, especially if you can already recognize some of the best types of online slot games that I present.

Moreover, all gambling players know that online gambling games with us are very interesting and very exciting. And also of course it’s very easy to get millions of rupiah if you play it every day.

In this article, we will discuss everything related to one of the most popular and well-known online gambling games, namely slot games joker123 slot.

All Kinds of Online Slot Gambling

Playing online slot gambling really makes you addicted with the ease of playing it too. Which doesn’t even require each player to be able to rack their brains like now playing casino gambling or online poker.

As we all know that playing this poker or casino gambling, you really have to be able to devise a strategy and it is very tiring the brain, it is very different from online slot gambling.

You only need to pay attention to an online slot machine spin pattern before it will determine the number bet. Or also any image that will come out when the slot machine stops spinning.

All Kinds of Best Slot Games on Trusted Online Gambling Sites

After we explain briefly about how the best online slot game system works. In this article, we will also take advantage of this opportunity to explain to you some of the types of online slot games that you can play.

Especially for every player who is a beginner, if you really want to be smart in playing this online slot. And getting a continuous win, you have to know in advance what types are in online slot games with trusted sites.

Here are 3 types of online slot games available on this trusted and official online slot gambling site, including the following:

A. Offline slot

The first thing is that there is such a thing as this type of offline slot. Where this is very suitable for every player who is really still very ordinary and does not want to lose their real money.

Because playing this offline slot doesn’t use real money, you will only play this slot game like a tutorial so that later when you play slots with real money you won’t lose and feel confused.

B. 3D slot

The following are types of slots that use real money, namely 3D slot games. Here each player will be asked to be able to guess a combination of images or numbers with three digits inside. If you are correct, it will be declared the winner. One of them will lose the bet.

C. Slot 5D

The last and very modern one is the 5D slot game that you can find. And we recommend that you play it if you are proficient in this type of 3D slot. Because this 5D slot is a very high level of slot game.…

Foods That Neutralize Seasonal Allergy Symptoms

Foods That Neutralize Seasonal Allergy Symptoms

Foods That Neutralize Seasonal Allergy Symptoms – This seasonal allergy is certainly different from the usual allergies, this natural allergy is not an acute disease, this seasonal allergy can come at certain times.

Seasonal allergies are also known as hay fever or allergic rhinitis. This allergy is not caused by cross-reactivity due to food, but due to seasonal factors and occurs at certain times of the year.

Seasonal allergies make the immune system overreact to allergens. For example, plant pollen when flowers are in bloom which causes nasal congestion, itching and frequent sneezing.

1. Tomato

The red fruit with a round shape has no doubt about its usefulness. Containing lycopene, which is an antioxidant compound that helps the body deal with systemic inflammation, making tomatoes a food that minimizes symptoms of seasonal allergies.

Often complementing a delicious meal, tomatoes can be enjoyed on their own or made into a refreshing drink.

2. Ginger

Spices that also play a role in increasing endurance can also help minimize seasonal allergies. Based on the results of research conducted in 2016, ginger suppresses the production of pro-inflammatory proteins in the blood, which causes a reduction in allergy symptoms.

The results of this study are reinforced by the fact that ginger contains antioxidants in the form of anti-inflammatory phytochemical compounds that can overcome a number of health problems. Make it a cup of warm ginger, could be an option!

3. Citrus fruit

One of the characteristics of seasonal allergies is a cold caused by pollen from blooming plants. Enjoying citrus is the solution because the fruit has a sweet and sour taste it contains vitamin C.

The vitamin C in citrus fruits shortens the duration of colds and restores the immune system, as well as offering many other benefits for allergy sufferers.

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4. Salmon

The more eicosapantaenoic fatty acid (EPA) in the bloodstream, the lower the risk of allergic sensitivity. This sentence is reinforced by a study conducted in 2005 in Germany.

Fatty acids also help reduce the narrowing of the airways that occurs with asthma and in some cases due to seasonal allergies. These fatty acids can be found in seafood such as salmon.

5. Garlic

The aroma of garlic is quite pungent, but it has properties, one of which is to minimize the symptoms of seasonal allergies. The quercetin in garlic acts as a natural anthistamine that can reduce symptoms of seasonal allergies.

Even more nutritious because garlic contains a number of anti-inflammatory compounds and other antioxidants.…

Hollywood Artist Sufferers with Extreme Allergies

Hollywood Artist Sufferers with Extreme Allergies

Hollywood Artist Sufferers with Extreme Allergies – Allergy is a condition in which the immune system is disrupted, which causes a reaction to the body.

Allergy is a condition of the human immune system in which a person cannot interact with certain substances or objects. The effects of allergies also vary, some are mild to some too severe. This disease is also a disease that is hated by most people, one of which is well-known Hollywood artists.

1. Miley Cyrus

Miley Cyrus is a famous singer and songwriter from the United States. The name of this singer is widely known thanks to several hits such as Wrecking Ball, We Can’t Stop, and Party in th USA.

However, who would have thought that this singer also had extreme allergies. The woman who was born on 23 November 1992 admitted to having an allergy to gluten and lactose. He made the statement in 2012 via a tweet on his Twitter account.

2. Sabrina Carpenter

Then there are famous young singers and actresses from the United States. Sabrina Annlynn Carpenter has difficulty living life because of her allergic disease, namely allergies to apples and peaches.

The 1999-born singer expressed this statement through a tweet on his Twitter account while interacting with his fans in 2016.

3. Ariana Grande

Maybe most people will definitely be familiar with Ariana Grande. This beautiful singer who is known for her song Problem and Side to Side also has an allergic disease, which is an allergy to tomatoes.

Ariana has an allergic reaction to tomatoes. He felt like his throat closed and felt as if he was eating a cactus. But things are slowly getting better, he said via his Instagram account.

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4. Demi Lovato

Demi Lovato is a singer who is widely recognized for several roles in the Disney series. The singer who recently recovered from this eating disorder also has an allergic disease, namely cat allergy.

In an interview, Demi Lovato said that she was allergic to cats. The allergic reaction she gets is that Demi will experience sneezing. In addition, he also shared his story through Instagram Stories in 2016.

5. Justin Bieber

In the last position there is a Canadian singer named Justin Bieber. The husband of Hailey Bieber also has a history of allergic disease, namely an allergy to celery.

In 2011, the 16 year old pop star had to be taken to the hospital after experiencing breathing problems while filming her next appearance on ‘CSI’. Bieber experienced an allergic reaction and needed treatment at Providence Saint Joseph Medical Center, Burbank, California, upload the Billboard page.…

Healthy Foods That Can Trigger Allergies

Healthy Foods That Can Trigger Allergies

Healthy Foods That Can Trigger Allergies – Healthy food is usually a food that must be consumed by everyone, but without realizing it, healthy food can sometimes be one of the triggers for allergies.

A food allergy is a condition when the body shows an abnormal immune response after consuming certain foods. Food allergies are caused by an error in the body’s immune system in identifying some proteins in food as a danger. As a result, the body then performs various protective measures, such as releasing chemicals that trigger inflammation.

For people with food allergies, even small amounts of allergen exposure can cause an allergic reaction. Unfortunately, sometimes foods that trigger allergens are superfoods that are known to be nutritious.

1. Cow’s milk

Cow’s milk allergy is most common in infants and young children, especially if they are fed cow’s milk before the age of six months. These allergies affect 2 to 3 percent of babies and toddlers. Fortunately, about 90 percent of allergy cases in children are resolved by the time they are three years old.

Individuals who have an IgE allergy will show symptoms such as swelling, rash, hives, vomiting, and anaphylaxis. Meanwhile, non-IgE allergies include vomiting, constipation or diarrhea, and inflammation of the intestinal wall.

For individuals diagnosed with cow’s milk allergy, they should not only avoid cow’s milk but also cow’s milk-based products, such as powdered milk, cheese, yogurt, ice cream, and butter.

2. Nuts

Nuts are the leading cause of severe allergic reactions to food, and affect about 2.5 percent of American children. Peanut allergic reactions include respiratory problems, swelling in the throat, sudden drop in blood pressure, pale skin, blue lips, fainting, and dizziness.

3. Eggs

Eggs are the number two cause of food allergies in children. 68 percent of children who are allergic to eggs can overcome their allergies by the age of 16. Symptoms of an egg allergy usually include:

Indigestion, such as stomach upset;
Skin reactions, such as hives or rash;
Breathing problems;
Anaphylaxis, but rare.

Interestingly, sometimes a person can experience allergies to egg whites, but not to egg yolks, or vice versa. This is because there are differences in the protein in egg whites and yolks.

However, individuals who are allergic to eggs do not always have to avoid all foods that contain eggs, because cooking eggs can change the form of allergy-causing proteins. This can prevent the body from perceiving it as dangerous, and not cause a reaction.

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4. Seafood

Seafood, both fish and shellfish can cause allergies. Shellfish allergy is one of the most commonly reported in adults and usually appears first in adulthood. In the clam family, the crustacean group: shrimp, lobster and crab most often triggers allergic reactions.

However, many people who are allergic to shellfish can still eat mollusks, such as clams, oysters, and mussels. However, for highly reactive individuals, you should avoid cooking seafood together.

5. Wheat

Wheat allergy is caused by certain proteins present in wheat. Wheat allergy cases are most often experienced by children. However, wheat allergy in children can often be resolved by the time they reach 10 years of age.

Wheat allergy can usually cause indigestion, itching, vomiting, rash, swelling, and anaphylaxis. Not infrequently, people mistake wheat allergy for celiac disease or non-celiac gluten sensitivity, because they both exhibit similar digestive symptoms. However, people with a wheat allergy need only avoid wheat and should not avoid gluten from whole grains that do not contain wheat.…

Prevent Allergies in Children from an Early Age

Prevent Allergies in Children from an Early Age

Prevent Allergies in Children from an Early Age – Allergies are one of the conditions most avoided, especially in young children, this allergic disease can be experienced from children to adults.

Allergies to medical conditions are common. Children to adults can experience it. The form of the reaction also varies, from coughing, colds, itching, to shortness of breath. The triggers also vary, such as food, cold air, dust, animal hair, and so on.

Parents must know, it turns out that the emergence of allergies in children can be prevented from an early age. How to? Check out the reviews below, yes!

1. Breastfeeding plays a role in preventing allergies

Breast milk (ASI) is known to have a myriad of benefits for babies, including preventing allergies. Breast milk has allergy properties and contains immunoglobulins which can increase the baby’s tolerance to substances that trigger allergic reactions, namely allergens.

2. Maternal food intake affects breast milk

The content of breast milk received by a breastfeeding baby is influenced by the mother’s food intake.

Still referring to a report in the same journal, mothers who consume lots of eggs, cow’s milk, and nuts during breastfeeding can increase the risk of allergies in babies.

3. Keep children away from cigarette smoke, yes!

Allergic reactions can occur in various forms, such as itching, coughing, colds, to shortness of breath. Cigarette smoke plays an important role in triggering allergic reactions, especially in the form of shortness of breath or what is known as asthma.

Children who often inhale secondhand smoke have been shown to have high levels of immunoglobulin E in the body. Immunoglobulin E is a type of antibody that increases in the body when an allergic reaction occurs.

4. Come on, reduce the consumption of fatty foods!

Fast food, red meat, and fatty milk are foods and drinks that are often consumed in everyday life. These foods and drinks contain high levels of saturated fatty acids.

This is one of the risk factors for children to experience allergies. Therefore, reducing the consumption of fatty foods can be one way to prevent allergies in children.

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5. Cleaning the house regularly to be free from mites

The way to prevent this is to wash mattress sheets, blankets, and pillowcases and bolsters regularly because mites can nest in the bed.

In addition, mites can also be on sofas, carpets, curtains, dolls, and so on. Therefore, cleaning the whole house regularly is also necessary.

Those are some ways you can do to prevent allergies in children from an early age. However, if the child is already experiencing allergy symptoms, don’t be discouraged, immediately consult a doctor so that they can get the right treatment.…