How to Prevent Allergies That Occur in Children

How to Prevent Allergies That Occur in Children – Children are often susceptible to disease, one of which is allergies. Food that enters the body often contains certain ingredients that are not suitable for the child’s digestive system. Here’s how to prevent allergies that occur in children

How to Prevent Allergies That Occur in Children

Causes and Risk Factors of Allergies in Babies

Allergies in babies occur when the baby’s immune system reacts to substances that are usually harmless, causing an allergic reaction. Until now, it is not known why this happened. However, there are several factors that are thought to increase the risk of developing allergies in babies, including:

1. Genetics

Allergies in infants are generally influenced by genetic factors. This means that the baby is at risk of having allergies if one or both parents also have an allergy to something, even though the type of allergy may be different from the type of allergy of the parents.

2. The environment is too clean

This one factor is unexpected. However, an environment that is too clean and germ-free can actually prevent the baby’s immune system from getting a chance to recognize and fight germs.

This makes the baby’s body overreact to substances that are usually harmless.

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3. Certain health problems

Babies who experience health problems, such as eczema, are thought to be at risk of having allergies to certain foods or asthma when they grow up.

How to Overcome Allergies in Babies

If your little one shows symptoms as mentioned above, immediately take him to the nearest doctor or hospital for an examination. If the results of the examination state that your child suffers from allergies, the doctor can provide advice and treatment, such as:

1. Avoid baby from allergy triggers

The doctor will identify substances that trigger allergies in your child. By knowing the triggers, you can prevent your little one from being exposed to these substances.

2. Keeping the house clean

If your little one suffers from allergies to dust, mites, or mold, it is advisable to always keep the house clean. Some of the ways you can do to keep your home clean are:

Change and wash baby’s bed linen at least once a week.
Wash children’s toys regularly with hot water.
Do not allow pets into the nursery.
Open the windows of the house so that air circulation goes well.
Avoid using carpets because they can become nests of dust or mites.

3. Give the baby nutritious food

If possible, give your little one exclusive breastfeeding for at least the first 6 months of his life to reduce the risk of allergies. It would be better if breast milk is still given after the baby is 6 months old.

4. Prescribing medicine

Antihistamines and hydrocortisone can also be used to relieve allergies in babies. The use of these drugs must of course be under the supervision of a doctor or pediatrician.

Don’t forget, take your baby to the doctor for regular checkups at least 6 times before his first birthday. This examination is carried out to monitor the baby’s health condition, ensure normal growth and development, and detect any problems early on, including allergies in babies.…