Negative Effects of Being an Emotional Person

Negative Effects of Being an Emotional Person

Negative Effects of Being an Emotional Person – Having an emotional nature is indeed one of the most annoying traits, sometimes the owners of these traits don’t realize it.

You could say that anger is a natural emotion for everyone to have. And expressing anger is also necessary to maintain mental health so as not to be depressed and harbor emotions too much. But if you get angry too often and always follow your emotions, it won’t be good either, no matter whether you are young or old.

Often angry can be at risk of heart attack, stress, and decreased body power. Because believe it or not, emotionally unstable can also affect health slowly. If you want to know more details, you can refer to the five points in this discussion.

1. Provoking stress and depression

Maybe not many people know that a person’s emotions can affect their health, especially mental health. Where people who can not control their emotions and often angry can actually provoke stress or depression, and usually only visible effects in the long term.

Whether it’s anger that is expressed or anger that is suppressed, both are very dangerous and can make a person depressed. So if you can learn to control anger, don’t be easily provoked by anger, and make peace with feelings of anger because if it’s too much, it’s bad for yourself.

2. The risk of heart disease is higher

When angry, usually makes the heart rate change faster and blood pressure rises. Well, this is what is dangerous if you get angry often. Which is a higher risk of heart disease and other related diseases.

Anger that is too frequent or uncontrolled triggers physiological changes that affect your blood which can lead to a heart attack, which is even more dangerous for older people. So from now on instead of getting angry often, it’s better to just talk to the person who makes you angry and solve the problem wisely.

3. Increase self-anxiety

Often angry and venting negative emotions in a bad way is very dangerous for those of you who have anxiety disorders. Because they can’t think straight and follow their emotions which can lead to extreme actions.

Too often angry can increase your anxiety which consequently makes you more sensitive, easy to worry, overthinking, excessive fear and other things that are bad for psychology. Maybe anger seems trivial, but the effect can be very bad if it happens too often especially if the person experiencing it is someone who has an unstable mental condition.

4. Can have a stroke

In addition to heart disease, frequent anger is also a danger to your health because it can trigger other serious diseases such as stroke. This is due to a blood clot in the brain, which increases blood flow in the brain when someone is angry, especially if the anger explodes.

So for those of you who don’t want to have a stroke because you are often very angry, try to change your angry outburst to something more positive. Do not explode, but face it calmly and take a deep breath when your anger is at its peak.

5. Your immune system decreases due to high emotions

You get sick more easily because the emotional role in us is big. The body is also affected which becomes more vulnerable when hit by unstable and explosive emotions.

So if you don’t want to have a weak body then you also have to be good at managing emotions. Instead of venting your anger haphazardly, it’s better to be able to express it in a safer way. Such as exercise, positive activities, or eating healthy foods until the anger is channeled. Rather than harming yourself, it’s better like this, right?…